Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Simplify device management, strengthen security, optimise IT operations

Take control of your organisation’s laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and more with our comprehensive device management solution.

With Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), we can manage all devices on all platforms through a single interface – including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

The Importance of Unified Endpoint Management

Managing devices in a modern workplace is complex. Employees demand flexibility, IT teams need control, and security threats lurk everywhere. UEM is the key to achieving the balance between usability and protection, crucial for:

    • Maintaining Visibility: Know exactly what devices are connecting to your network and where they’re located.
    • Enforcing Security: Ensure all devices meet minimum security standards, data is protected, and sensitive information is safeguarded.
    • Streamlining IT Workflows: Automate device setup, software updates, and troubleshooting to reduce manual effort and improve efficiency.
Endpoint Management
Powered by world-leading cybersecurity platforms

Our Device Management Service: Powerful Features, Ease of Use

Our partnerships with the latest cybersecurity tools, along with our cloud expertise, enable us to provide a comprehensive suite of device management services.

We simplify managing your entire device fleet, making your IT operations more proactive and secure:

  • Device Inventory: Maintain a real-time, comprehensive list of all devices, including operating systems, applications, hardware specifications, and user assignments.
  • Full Disk Encryption: Protect sensitive data at rest on all devices. Even if a device is stolen, the information remains inaccessible without the encryption key.
  • OS Updates & Patching: Keep all operating systems and applications up to date, closing security vulnerabilities attackers exploit.
  • Centralised Management Platform: Control and monitor your entire device ecosystem from a single intuitive dashboard.
  • Secure Device Access: Enforce strong authentication controls and establish granular access permissions for various devices and user groups.
  • Remote Policy Enforcement & Patching: Push security policies, compliance updates, and software patches remotely to all devices, ensuring consistency and minimising downtime.

Why partner with JD Stride?

Our managed endpoint services are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with the following requirements:

  • Lack extensive in-house IT or cybersecurity teams.
  • Prioritise a simple, user-friendly security solution.
  • Want to protect their business without breaking the budget.
Benefits of partnerng with us include:

Expert Management

Our team has in-depth knowledge of device management platforms and best practices to tailor a solution for your needs.

  • Beyond Configuration: We understand the nuances of various device management platforms and can fine-tune a solution to work perfectly within your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Meet Compliance Needs: Staying up-to-date on device management best practices means we can align security with your company’s specific industry and compliance needs.
  • No Learning Curve: Our team eliminates the in-house trial and error associated with implementing a new system. We get it right the first time, saving you time and resources.


Outsource routine device management tasks, freeing up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Offload the Mundane: Patching, updates, inventory tracking, and troubleshooting are essential but time-consuming. Our service automates these tasks.
  • High-Value Work: By freeing up IT resources, your in-house team can innovate. They can focus on projects that drive your business forward, not just maintain the status quo.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive: Our team proactively monitors device health, often identifying and resolving issues before they impact end-users. This reduces costly downtime and helpdesk requests.

Security-First Approach

We prioritise keeping your devices protected from cyber threats while allowing employees productive access.

  • Balancing Act: Security can’t be so restrictive it hampers productivity. We configure device management with a user-centric approach, maintaining usability alongside protection.
  • Risk-Based Management: We understand that your business has different security needs. We’ll customise device restrictions based on the role and sensitivity of user data.
  • Evolving with Threats: Cybersecurity isn’t a one-time project. We continually monitor the threat landscape, adapting device management policies and safeguards to counter emerging risks.

World-class applications

  • Industry-Leading Tools: We utilise the most effective endpoint management platforms on the market. We can manage Windows, Apple, Linux, iOS and Android devices on a single platform.

Secure your organisation with JD Stride.

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