Case Study

Digital Boost Drives Education Success:Website, Marketing & Modern Workplace


TrainingCo*, a traditional training organisation, specialises in providing accredited courses to the industrial sector – with a focus on gaining access to government incentives and rebates.

The organisation, operating from two locations, previously relied heavily on manual processes and outdated on-premise technology. Their limited online presence and lack of digital marketing hindered growth and created internal inefficiencies.

The training organisation was facing declining enrollments due to:

  • Limited online presence: A basic website without course booking or payment capabilities.
  • Disjointed student experience: Manual, paper-based onboarding, and a lack of student support resources.
  • Operational inefficiencies: Data management across multiple spreadsheets and on-premise systems.

Our Solution

We partnered with the training organisation to embark on a full-scale digital transformation project encompassing:

1. Website Development and Government Integration

  • Modern website: Developed a user-friendly website with an intuitive course catalog and booking system.
  • Government portal integration: Seamlessly integrated with the relevant government compliance portal to streamline rebate verification processes and student eligibility checks.
  • Online course delivery: Created an eCommerce portal, where a library of on-demand video courses for selected modules could be accessed, enabling students to learn at their own pace.
  • Real-time payment processing: Connected a secure payment gateway for instant course enrollment.

2. Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Google Ads: Targeted search engine marketing campaigns to increase visibility and attract qualified leads.
  • SEO: Optimised the website for search engines, increasing organic traffic and long-term discoverability.
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising: Targeted social media campaigns to engage potential students and drive enrollment.
  • Campaign aimed at recruiting new trainers: Employed Google Display ads, strategic website placements, and social media to attract and recruit skilled trainers.

3. Student Onboarding and Support

  • Welcome email funnel: Automated a welcome email series to help new students navigate the induction process and provide essential resources. This improved the onboarding experience and increased the likelihood of course completion.

4. Modern Workplace Transformation

  • Google Workspace: Migrated email from a legacy on-premise server to the cloud-based Google Workspace, boosting collaboration and improving accessibility.
  • Google Drive: Transferred 1TB of data to Google Drive, providing secure file storage and enabling seamless team sharing across office locations.
  • Cloud directory: Eliminated the need for Microsoft Active Directory by implementing a cloud-based directory for streamlined user management.
  • IAM solution: Implemented an Identity Access Management (IAM) solution to enhance security and granularly control access rights for the admin team and trainers.
  • Tablet-based training module: Developed a module accessible via tablets, directly connected to the website database to ensure consistency and eliminate the need to manually enter enrolment data.


This digital transformation produced tangible and measurable improvements:

  • Increased student enrolment: A significant increase in course bookings and a broader student base due to online accessibility.
  • Improved government compliance: Simplified rebate processes and eligibility verification, leading to greater efficiency.
  • Streamlined operations: Automated processes reduced administrative overheads and improved data management.
  • Enhanced trainer recruitment: Attracted more qualified trainers, expanding the organisation’s capacity to meet growing demand.
  • Elevated student experience: Improved onboarding, support resources, and the availability of online learning modules significantly enhanced student satisfaction.

This case study demonstrates the power of digital transformation, not only for survival but for achieving sustained growth and success in the competitive training sector. By embracing new technologies, the organisation unlocked new opportunities while providing a better experience for both students and trainers.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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