Google Analytics

Ensure your website visitors turn into customers

Once you have invested in your website and online marketing, it is crucial that the results are monitored.

We are constantly surprised by the number of businesses that fail to track the return on their marketing activities. The wonderful advantage of online marketing over other advertising mediums is that every dollar invested can be tracked and accounted for.

We recommend that all businesses use Google Analytics, the market leader in web analytics, to track the performance of their websites.

Looking to track the returns of your online marketing?
JD Stride can help.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a website analysis tool, which provides sophisticated reports about traffic on your website.

No matter which type of site you have – eCommerce, brochure, or lead generating – Google Analytics can show you how visitors find your site and how they use it.

Traffic data captured includes:

. . .  and much more!

Useful features

Link to your Google Ads campaign

How well are your advertising dollars working? If you advertise with Google Ads, Google Analytics can be configured to import your keyword list and cost data. You can then generate conversion metrics for individual keywords as well as your entire Google Ads campaign.

Mobile analytics

Google Analytics can be help you discover how many visitors to your site are using mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets) – including data on specific devices, how mobile visitors are using your site and how they found your site. This information can be used to present your brand in the best format on those devices.

Conversion analytics

Google Analytics Conversion Suite can provide insight beyond pageviews and visitor counts. See how all your digital marketing channels work together to bring visitors to your site. Measure sales, pdf downloads, video plays and other actions that are of value to you.

How can JD Stride help?

At first glance, the statistics available from Google Analytics can be overwhelming. This is where JD Stride can assist.

Our team are experts at installing and configuring Google Analytics (and Google Tag Manager). Beside tracking the usual traffic information, we can set-up Goals and Conversion Funnels to track useful metrics including the number of emails generated, enquiry forms submitted, online purchases, pdf downloads etc.

We can then use this intelligence to advise on changes to your website and marketing strategy to increase conversions, lower the Cost Per Sale and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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