Pipedrive CRM: Close More Deals, Faster

Tired of juggling spreadsheets and scattered customer data?

Pipedrive, an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM platform, empowers your team to do just that. Its visual pipeline management, customisable features, and seamless integrations streamline your sales processes like never before.

With Pipedrive, you gain clear visibility into every stage of the buyer journey, allowing you to identify opportunities, personalise interactions, and ultimately win more deals.

To truly maximize Pipedrive’s potential, a tailored implementation is essential. As a Pipedrive Premier Partner, we specialise in turning the power of Pipedrive into a sales engine to drive business growth and empower your sales team.

Pipedrive Premier Partner - JD Stride

Why Choose Pipedrive?

Trusted by over 100,000 organisations around the world.

Pipeline management

Pipedrive’s visual and intuitive interface makes pipeline management a breeze.

Create and customise as many pipelines as you need to reflect your unique sales process.

Customise the stages to suit your sales cycle, create team pipelines and filter results by team member or stage.

All communications in one place

Enable your team to see a 360 degree view of the customer with all emails, phone calls, meetings and contact notes accessible in one place. 

Pipedrive also syncs with Outlook and Google Workspace (emails, contacts, calendars & files).


Highly customisable

Although simple to use, Pipedrive allows for a high degree of customisation. 

You can tailor pipelines, fields, and reports to match your specific business workflows.

Increase efficiency with integrations

With Pipedrive Marketplace, you can integrate Pipedrive with over 400+ apps including proposal, telephony, accounting and email marketing applications.

Dashboards & reporting

Stop guessing where to focus your growth efforts. Pipedrive’s dashboards and reports illuminate the path to success with actionable insights.

Top-rated mobile app

Pipedrive’s fast, top-rated mobile app enables your team to progress deals and build relationships from anywhere – including voice to text notetaking and ability to view reporting dashboards on the go.

Pipedrive - The CRM your sales team will love!

Implementing a new CRM can be daunting. That's where JD Stride comes in.

Our  team of experienced CRM consultants are passionate about helping businesses optimise their sales processes. We offer a comprehensive range of Pipedrive services, including:

  • Needs assessment and strategy: We understand your unique business goals and challenges to tailor a PipeDrive solution that fits like a glove.
  • Seamless setup and configuration: We handle the technical heavy lifting, setting up your PipeDrive system and importing your data.
  • Customisation and automation: We optimise your workflows and automate repetitive tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • User onboarding and training: We empower your team to embrace PipeDrive with comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Why partner with JD Stride?

We are a Pipedrive Premier Partner.

Our Pipedrive specialists have deep knowledge of the platform and proven implementation success across Australia.

Pipedrive Premier Partner - JD Stride
Proven methodology. Faster ROI.

See tangible results quickly with our efficient implementation process. Our proven process will reduce risk and ensure the successful implementation and adoption of Pipedrive in your organisation.

Tailored for your business

We will customise Pipedrive to suite your unique sales processes and business goals.

Integrate with your essential tools

Our technical team can help maximise efficiency by integrating Pipedrive with the other tools you use everyday such as Xero, PandaDoc, Mailchimp, Aircall to name a few.

Ongoing Support: Your partner for continuous CRM success

We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your team gets the most out of Pipedrive long-term. Our ongoing support goes beyond troubleshooting to deliver continuous optimisation and strategic guidance:

  • Regular Check-ins: We schedule proactive check-ins to assess Pipedrive usage, identify areas for improvement, and answer any questions your team has.
  • Training & Updates: As Pipedrive evolves or your team grows, we provide customised training to ensure everyone stays up-to-date and utilises the latest features.
  • Process Refinement: We help you analyse your Pipedrive data to fine-tune your sales processes, pipelines, and automation for maximum efficiency.
  • New Integration Support: When you’re ready to integrate additional tools into your tech stack, we’ll expertly handle the setup and ensure seamless workflows.
  • Strategic CRM Consulting: We act as your CRM advisors, helping you discover new ways to use Pipedrive for increased sales, better customer service, and data-driven insights.

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