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Case Study

Landscaper Overhauls Sales Process with Pipedrive for Accelerated Growth


LandScapeCo is a well-established residential and commercial landscaping firm employing 85 talented team members. Recognizing the importance of effective lead management in a competitive market, their digital marketing manager, JD Stride, sought a solution to streamline and optimize their lead capture and sales processes.

Robust digital marketing campaigns were generating significant lead volume. However, they lacked a centralised system to capture these leads, track their progress, and ensure timely and effective follow-up by their sales team. This led to missed opportunities and reduced sales conversion potential.

Our Solution

JD Stride identified Pipedrive as the ideal CRM solution due to its:

  • Customisation: Pipedrive’s flexible platform allowed for tailoring a sales pipeline that perfectly aligned with LandScapeCo’s unique sales process.
  • Efficiency: Automated lead capture from website forms into Pipedrive streamlined the process and eliminated manual data entry.
  • Visibility: A clear pipeline provided valuable insights into sales progress, identifying bottlenecks and enabling data-driven decisions.

Implementation & Support

JD Stride played a key role in the successful Pipedrive implementation, including:

  • CRM Consulting: Collaborated with management to define project scope, gather requirements, and design a customised Pipedrive setup optimised for their business needs.
  • Pipeline Development: Created a stage-by-stage sales pipeline, ensuring that no step was missed in the process of lead qualification, proposal development, and closing.
  • Comprehensive User Training: In-depth onboarding empowered LandScapeCo’s sales team with the knowledge and skills for maximum Pipedrive utilization.
  • Ongoing Support: Provided continued assistance post-implementation, addressing questions, resolving issues, and ensuring optimal pipeline performance.


Implementing Pipedrive and partnering with JD Stride transformed LandScapeCo’s sales processes and yielded significant results:

  • Increased Lead Conversion: Automated lead capture and a structured follow-up system reduced lead leakage and translated into boosted conversions.
  • Improved Sales Efficiency: Salespeople spent less time on administrative tasks and more time on building client relationships.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Pipeline reporting provided visibility into sales team performance, leading to better forecasting and strategic management decisions.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Prospects received a consistent and timely response that reflected positively on their brand.

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