Email Marketing System

Sending email to your client base is a powerful way to use the web

All businesses should advise clients of opportunities that are relevant to them.

If they have purchased from you in the past AND indicated they are happy to receive future information from you, you have a very strong chance of dramatically improving sales and/or customer satisfaction with email marketing.

An example. Working on the web, our staff are regular users of Amazon and The Book Depository. In spite of the fact we know we are likely to get ‘hooked,’ we happily subscribe to newsletters in our areas of interest e.g. new programming books etc. Guess how many books we have purchased in our small group because of these regular emails from Amazon advertising new items? It’s embarrassing. I won’t say the total amount but it’s a lot.

Consider adding a link on your site, inviting visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter.

At present, we only offer email marketing to clients who have their website with us.

Generate repeat business from your customers
Email Marketing


We offer a corporate-grade email broadcasting system that complies with current legislation* and features:

* JD Stride conforms with Australian Anti-SPAM regulations. We do not send spam.

The system offers a number of advantages over sending through Outlook such as:

. . . to name a few.

Overview of Email Marketing System

Email Newsletter Template

We can design a template reflecting your corporate colours, logo and website. This can then be used as the base for all mailouts. We also include a copy on your website so those experiencing difficulty viewing their email in Outlook etc can view it online at your site.

List Management

Each email we send has a subscribe/unsubscribe link that allows the receiver to manage his subscription. We suggest a link also be included on your website, so visitors can sign-up if they wish. The database is updated automatically and duplicates are not allowed. Our emails do not reveal the other addressees (e.g. CC) so privacy is preserved.


Our charges for providing an email marketing facility are:

  • Once-off system set-up fee: $979 incl. GST (includes connection of “subscription” functionality to website, importing subscriber database and configuration of system.)
  • Design of HTML ’email newsletter’ template: $792 incl. GST – once off.
  • To create a new ‘newsletter’ using the template is typically $165 incl. GST (i.e. we format the newsletter for you including publishing the images to the server and sending you a test email). If the required newsletter content has complex formatting (e.g. lots of images, tables and sections), we would provide a quotation for the work.
  • Monthly service fee: $22 incl. GST (database must be available 24/7 for subscribe/unsubscribe entries).
  • Broadcast costs depend on the number of addresses in the list.
  • For each mail-out, we can provide comprehensive statistics including details on the number of sends, opens, forwards, click-throughs, subscribes and unsubscribes.

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Generate repeat business with email marketing.