Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Centralise identity management and streamline access while enhancing security across your digital landscape.

In a world of interconnected systems and remote workforces, managing digital identities and controlling access is paramount. Failure to do so leaves your organisation vulnerable to data breaches, compliance violations, and operational disruptions.

A data breach doesn’t just hit your finances; it erodes customer and employee trust. For small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the consequences can be devastating, especially without adequate insurance coverage.

Since 80% of breaches jeopardise customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) – the most expensive type of data loss, estimated $US183 per record* – prevention is key.

Simple security lapses, like weak passwords, are often the culprit. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a simple yet potent defence. By adding an extra security layer, even a compromised password won’t leave you vulnerable. MFA is a cornerstone of effective Identity & Access Management.

* IBM Cost of Data Breach Report 2023.

Understanding IAM: The Foundation of Modern Security

In today’s complex digital environment, where employees, devices, and applications are dispersed, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is essential. IAM lets you answer the crucial question: Who should have access to what?

With a growing team, ensuring data security becomes a major issue. If application passwords are known by staff members it is very difficult to securely off-board staff. When someone leaves, the questions are “What passwords did they know?!” – and “How do we lock them out of all applications quickly?”.

An Identity & access management (IAM) solution solves these problems and more.

Key reasons you need IAM include:

  • Bolstered Security: Protect sensitive assets by meticulously managing user identities, enforcing access controls, and mitigating the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Streamlined Operations: Reduce IT workload and enhance user experience with automated onboarding, offboarding, and access request management.
  • Improved Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 by establishing robust identity governance and demonstrating audit trails.
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
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Our IAM Services: A Comprehensive Approach

We deliver a powerful suite of IAM services to strengthen your cybersecurity posture:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Drastically reduce password fatigue and security risks by enabling users to securely access multiple applications with a single login.
  • Password Management: Help users create strong, unique passwords and enforce regular password changes. Provide secure storage for password management – across all devices.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Add an indispensable security layer that goes beyond passwords. Implement MFA with biometrics, push notifications, or hardware tokens.
  • Cloud Directory: Establish a centralised, cloud-based identity repository for managing users and their access controls across your entire cloud environment.
  • Identity Governance & Administration (IGA): Define and enforce role-based access controls in alignment with the principle of least privilege. Streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning.

Why Choose JD Stride for Your IAM Needs?

Choose an IAM partner with proven expertise:

  • Deep IAM Expertise: Our team is comprised of specialists dedicated to the field of Identity and Access Management. We stay updated on the latest best practices and evolving technologies within IAM. This expertise translates to robust recommendations, ensuring your IAM solution leverages the most effective tools and strategies. Additionally, our experience with various IAM integrations means we can navigate the complexity of connecting your new IAM system with your existing infrastructure.

  • Customised Approach: We recognise that every business has unique needs and risk tolerances. Off-the-shelf IAM solutions rarely offer the perfect fit. Our approach starts with understanding your specific IT environment, user workflows, security priorities, and compliance requirements. With this knowledge, we craft an IAM implementation that aligns precisely with your goals, providing maximum protection and usability without unnecessary complexity.

  • Seamless Integration: Implementing a sophisticated IAM system can be disruptive if not properly managed. Our team carefully plans every stage of the integration process to minimize impact on your day-to-day operations. We thoroughly test all connections, ensuring your existing applications and systems work seamlessly with your new IAM solution. Moreover, we provide comprehensive training and support to your IT team and end users, fostering rapid adoption and minimizing confusion.

Secure your organisation & simply IT management with tailored IAM.

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