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Looking to adopt DEAR Systems inventory management for your business?

JD Stride can help.

With a cloud based ERP and inventory management system like DEAR, it is easy to know what products are in stock and monitor the trends in transactions.

Knowing what sells, and when, in a timely manner can help a business order only the amount of inventory needed to meet demand.

Avoiding excessive stock levels but having sufficient supply for current demand is the happy balance that contributes to higher profits.

It can also help a business negotiate better prices with suppliers or better terms.

Because communication is instant, information about important business systems is readily available at any time, anywhere and on any device.

So an owner/manager can know what is going via a mobile device even on holidays!

If you have been investigating DEAR, you will already know these facts.

But there is more you should know.

While DEAR Systems is a user-friendly cloud ERP to implement, there are many aspects of an implementation project that also need attention.

For example, planning the project in stages to achieve a go-live date is important. It helps everyone involved to understand their immediate task and, for management, how the project is progressing.

Data for the new ERP needs to be complete as well as clean. Incorrect data formatting, missing fields, illegal characters and so on can make data collection tedious at best. Working out the best way to negotiate this minefield is time well-spent.

Staff training is critical.

Any system will fail if the staff are not trained sufficiently to use it. There may be changes in workflow that have to identified and documented.

There are also less obvious change management issues.

Staff already have work to do and training for a new system might be seen as an intrusion.

Supervisors can be slow to buy in to the new system if communication is poor. Balancing normal productivity demands with new tasks can be a source of discontent.

In our experience, the human element, in one form or another, is the most challenging aspect of implementing a new cloud-based inventory system.

But there are at least TWO OTHER BIG PITFALLS.

Either one of them might derail the implementation of DEAR inventory management system for your business.

To learn more, call us on (03) 9467 3599. Our DEAR specialists can help you understand the problems and ensure a smooth implementation.

We know DEAR - Cloud Inventory Management

Based in Melbourne, JD Stride specialises in selecting, implementing and supporting cloud business management systems for organisations across Australia.

Having implemented DEAR inventory management for other businesses – across a range of industries, you can gain from our experience. You don’t need to repeat the problems other businesses have experienced if you have an expert guide like JD Stride.

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