Case Study

National wholesaler migrates to cloud ERP to improve B2B ordering experience & operational efficiency.


WholesaleCo* has been supplying hundreds of retailers across the country with an extensive range of products for decades. With a catalogue spanning thousands of products, they recognised the need for an improved B2B ordering system and inventory planning capabilities.

Previously, their inventory management and accounting system were running from an on-premise server. The software was difficult to access remotely, daily off-site back-ups were required and integration with their website was slow and presented a poor user-experience.

Our Solution

We were engaged to develop, implement and support a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

We started the transformation journey by helping the client complete an internal assessment to identify problems and key areas for improvement.

Migration from On-Premise Systems to the Cloud

The first implementation stage was the migration of emails and files from an on-premise server to Microsoft 365.

We then redeveloped their B2B eCommerce website – with retailer login allowing for multiple discount levels plus bulk ordering and reordering functions.

Inventory and accounting systems were moved from running on-premise to an integrated cloud ERP – with full website integration.

To enable the business to quickly adapt, a small ERP core of critical business processes was put in place, coupled with best-of-breed, function-specific SaaS applications.

To enhance security, a single sign-on solution was rolled-out across the entire organisation, configured with role-based permissions and application access.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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