Case Study

Complex Google Workspace Primary Domain Change & Data Migration for Global Martech Platform Provider.


A global marketing technology company underwent a major divestiture, selling off a large division. This created an urgent need to cleanly separate 125 Google Workspace user accounts plus 260 groups, associated data, and integrated services from the parent company’s infrastructure.

The added challenge was maintaining the same domain name to ensure continuity for the newly independent entity.


  • Domain Restrictions: Google Workspace domains are uniquely linked to a single Workspace instance. Migrating data while preserving the domain required intricate planning and coordination.
  • Global Team Management: Users and administrators were spread across different time zones, adding a layer of logistical complexity to scheduling and support.
  • Interwoven Data: Identifying all shared data and third-party app integrations posed a risk of disruption if not meticulously mapped before the migration.
  • Minimising Downtime: Business continuity was critical, demanding a highly efficient migration strategy to avoid any loss of productivity.

Our Solution

JD Stride was engaged to design and execute this complex migration, ensuring data integrity and business continuity throughout the process. Here’s a breakdown of our approach:

  1. Comprehensive Data Mapping: We meticulously charted user data, group memberships, and dependencies with third-party apps across the global organisation. This provided crucial visibility into potential migration bottlenecks.
  2. Strategic Migration Plan: A detailed plan was crafted to extract user accounts and data to a new Google Workspace account, employing a temporary intermediary domain to facilitate the switch while maintaining the original domain.
  3. Cross-Timezone Execution: In a carefully sequenced single-evening operation, we migrated emails, contacts, calendars, files, tasks, and sites for 125+ users and over 260 groups. The global coordination ensured alignment between teams in the US and Australia.
  4. Post-Migration Change Management: Support and training were critical for both the parent company and the newly formed entity. We helped users in both organisations navigate the changes and adapt to potentially altered workflows.
  5. Ongoing Support: We continue to deliver expert guidance and technical assistance to both entities to optimise their Google Workspace environments.

Change Management Considerations

  • Clear Communication: Early, transparent communication with users was paramount to minimise anxiety and ensure a smooth transition. Proactive updates and support channels were crucial.
  • Data Ownership: Clarifying data ownership and responsibilities post-split streamlined decision-making and prevented conflicts.
  • Training and Adaptation: User training and change management initiatives helped to address resistance and increase adoption within the new Google Workspace environments.


The migration was a success, allowing the new entity to operate smoothly with minimal disruption under its original domain. Our expertise and structured approach were key to this successful division within the complex Google Workspace ecosystem.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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