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Case Study

Cloud migration for multi-office real-estate agents


Real-Estate Co* has three offices in Melbourne. Each office was running an independent on-premise server, so collaboration on files across the agency was non-existent. Many files were being duplicated and shared via email, resulting in out-of-date versions being used.

With email and calendars running on a separate platform to the ‘file storage’, the sales team was not operating efficiently.

JD Stride was already managing their website and online marketing – with IT being outsourced to a traditional IT firm. When the problem was relayed to us, we recommended a complete migration to the cloud.

Our Approach

Following a review of the IT requirements of the organisation, we planned and implemented the migration of all data from on-premise servers to the cloud – including emails, contacts, calendars and several terabytes of files.

Files from the three offices were organised and migrated to Google Workspace in Shared Drives. The migration occurred with no down-time or loss of data.

Email, contacts and calendars were also migrated to Google Workspace, enabling the entire team to operate productively from any location and device.

Training on Google Workspace was provided to each office plus on-going support.

With the elimination of the on-premise servers, hardware support, networking and remote login licences, significant cost savings were achieved.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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