Case Study

From Local Cobbler to Thriving Omni-Channel Retailer


A small, family-owned shoe repair store was operating in a single location. Their reputation for quality repairs kept business steady, yet they desired to expand their offerings beyond shoe repair and tap into the broader footwear market.

Growing the business was difficult due to several challenges:

  • Limited Market: The store’s physical location restricted its clientele to the local community.
  • Lack of Online Presence: The business had no website or e-commerce capabilities.
  • Missed Sales Opportunities: Even local customers were unaware of the full range of repair services offered.

Our Solution

We partnered with the family to embark on a full-scale digital growth strategy encompassing:

  • eCommerce Website Development:

    • We developed a user-friendly, mobile-optimised eCommerce website with clear navigation and seamless checkout process.
    • Integrated high-quality product photography and detailed descriptions to showcase the shoe collection.
  • Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign: We planned and executed an integrated digital marketing strategy to drive growth:

    • Google Ads: We implemented search campaigns targeting relevant keywords to attract potential customers searching for shoes online. This was supplemented with display remarketing to convert window shoppers into paying customers.
    • SEO: We optimised the website content, metadata, and structure to improve organic search engine rankings and drive long-term traffic. This involved an extensive link acquisition program to boost the domain authority and enable the site to compete with more established shoe retailers.
    • Email Marketing: By capturing approval at check-out to email customers and supplementing this with an opt-in form on the website, a sizable subscriber base (10,000+) was built. We planned, created and scheduled email marketing campaigns to announce new arrivals, promote sales (especially during peak seasons like Black Friday and Christmas), and offer exclusive discounts.


The digital marketing strategy delivered  tremendous growth with:

  • Higher Margins: The shift to eCommerce sales resulted in significantly higher profit margins as compared to the labor-intensive shoe repair services.

  • Revenue Surge: Online orders drove a substantial increase in overall revenue, surpassing the income generated by the small shoe repair store. This allowed the company to invest back into its growth and expansion strategies.

  • Expanded Customer Base: Digital marketing successfully reached customers outside the local community, unlocking new revenue streams nationwide.

Expanded Retail Presence:

  • Increased Demand Fuels Expansion: The substantial growth in online sales demonstrated strong market demand for the company’s shoe offerings. This validated the decision to invest in a larger, more prominent, physical retail location within a popular shopping area.

  • Capitalising on Online Success: Increased revenue and brand recognition paved the way for establishing a brick-and-mortar presence. The online store acted as a powerful lead generator for the physical location.

International Expansion:

  • Data-Driven Market Entry: Digital marketing data revealed a strong interest in the company’s shoes within the New Zealand market. This insight, combined with indicators of limited competition, presented a clear opportunity for expansion.

  • Cost-Effective International Testing: Digital channels provided a lower-risk way to test demand in international markets before investing in a physical presence in New Zealand.

This case study illustrates the transformative power of integrating digital channels into a traditional business model. At JD Stride, we specialise in helping businesses of all sizes navigate the complexities of the online world.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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