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Google Workspace Consolidation for Crypto Payments Platform


CryptoCo, a rapidly growing leader in the crypto payments sector, recently acquired a smaller competitor. This acquisition brought an immediate need to consolidate IT infrastructure and streamline collaboration. The challenge was to integrate approximately 380 user accounts spanning three distinct platforms (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange) into a single, unified Google Workspace environment.

Key requirements included:

  • Complex Migration: Seamlessly transfer emails, contacts, calendars, files, and Google properties (Ads, Analytics, etc.) – all with minimal disruption.
  • Username and Domain Changes: Accommodate username changes to align with CryptoCo’s primary domain, while retaining the original domains as aliases.
  • Global Coordination: Manage the project logistics and communications across multiple time zones.
  • Zero Downtime: Ensure business continuity, with no service interruptions or data loss during the transition.

Our Solution

JD Stride, experts in Google Workspace migrations, partnered with CryptoCo to meticulously plan and execute this intricate consolidation. Our solution involved:

  • Strategic Planning: A detailed migration plan was developed, outlining timelines, communication protocols, and potential contingencies in collaboration with CryptoCo’s IT team.
  • Data Mapping: We meticulously analysed both source and destination environments to ensure accurate transfer of user data and associated properties.
  • Change Management: Comprehensive user training and onboarding materials were prepared, alongside pre- and post-migration communications to minimise confusion and ensure adoption of the new platform. Several training sessions were delivered to ensure teams in different time zones could tune in at a convenient time – improving attendance rates.
  • Technical Execution: Leveraging specialised migration tools and expertise, we carefully migrated files, settings, and permissions, followed by primary domain changes.
  • Ongoing Support: Post-migration support was provided to ensure a smooth transition, promptly addressing any issues.


JD Stride successfully consolidated CryptoCo’s disparate IT infrastructure into a single Google Workspace environment, delivering tangible benefits:

  • Zero Downtime & Data Integrity: The migration was completed without disruption to business operations, and all data was preserved.
  • Improved Collaboration & Productivity: CryptoCo’s employees are now seamlessly collaborating using Google Workspace’s powerful suite of tools, fostering teamwork and innovation.
  • Enhanced Security: CryptoCo benefited from Google’s industry-leading security features, protecting their data and intellectual property.
  • Streamlined IT Management: Simplified management of user accounts and devices lowered IT overhead.

By partnering with JD Stride, CryptoCo achieved a rapid and seamless integration, empowering their global workforce and laying the foundation for continued growth.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

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