WordPress Website Maintenance

Do you need help maintaining your WordPress website?

Most business owners don’t want to get involved in maintaining their website. It is not what they are in business for; it is not what they are good at.

Building and maintaining websites is one of the activities we do best. So we can help you.

There is a lot to do to ensure a WordPress site remains up-to-date and secure. While much of the work can be automated once the site is well set up, the process can get quickly out of control with a careless administrator.

We see many sites that have not been updated for years. These are a real problem.

It is often easier for us to quickly replicate the design in an up-to-date theme than fix an old theme. We can keep the look similar and avoid a heap of trouble. If you neglect the maintenance of your WordPress website, it will eventual cause you heartache.

With ecommerce growing rapidly, it is more important than ever to have a fast, efficient and secure website. Online is the ‘shop of choice’ since Covid 19 locked us up so investment in a professional website makes sense.

If you want a WordPress expert to

  • maintain your site with all the latest changes to your theme, plugins and WordPress core
  • implement page updates and changes as you need them
  • arrange daily backups
  • publish to lightning fast hosting
  • keep your site secure from hackers
  • implement a complicated discount pricing or shipping system
  • advise on the best way to achieve an online marketing objective
  • investigate connecting your site to an ERP system

contact us at JD Stride.

Our website maintenance packages are:

NO ECOMMERCE – from $137.50 incl GST per month
WITH ECOMMERCE – from $165 incl GST per month

UNLIMITED content updates for a fixed monthly fee
24 hour turnaround.


Unlimited content updates

Our service includes updates to the content of your website. There's no need to learn a CMS.

24 hour turnaround

We endeavour to complete all updates within 24 hours. Most updates are completed sooner!

We do it all for you!

No need to learn a CMS. No salaries or design fees to pay. No experience necessary.

Cloud hosting with 24/hr support

We offer cloud website and email hosting with one of the world's most trusted providers.

Email accounts

Cloud email hosting is available (for an additional fee) - with spam filtering, virus protection & mobile-sync.

Retain ownership of the site

We transfer the site to our servers for efficient updates. However, you retain ownership.

No long term contracts

The service fee is payable six monthly.

Quarterly newsletter

Our clients receive a quarterly newsletter to keep them abreast of the latest online marketing techniques & technologies.

Why partner with JD Stride?

Outsource the maintenance of your website, so you can focus on what you do best.

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